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The CCISF is excited to offer our Virtual Training Hub

Our educational platform can be easily accessed from anywhere, at any time. This interactive and engaging virtual hub will offer relevant and informative learning opportunities for front line personnel, current or aspiring leaders, families of first responders, and more.

Whether you are an individual or an organization, this self-guided training will build awareness, enhance skills, and provide training solutions specific to our unique industries. With the expertise and support of numerous course authors, this training hub will continue to grow, develop, and support our industries, building resiliency, and enhancing wellbeing.

For more information, our Training Onboarding Package can be found below.

Supporting Individuals Through Trauma (S.I.T.T.)

Supporting Individuals Through Trauma (S.I.T.T.) is a 3-part series offering a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to learning. This series offers participants practical guidance and useful strategies to build a healthier approach – for everyone.

Level 1
A Total Wellness Approach

This course is intended for all members of an organization. 


Some of the topics covered include:

  • What is Stress and what causes it?
  • Recognizing symptoms of stress and stress reactions
  • Stress and the family
  • Stress in the workplace

Level 2
Supportive Leadership

This course is intended for organizational leaders and builds on the training provided in  Level 1. 
Some of the topics covered include:

  • Organizational wellness
  • Leadership in times of crisis
  • Phases of crisis management
  • Return to work and reintegration

Level 3
For Better or For Worse

This course is designed for partners, spouses, and/or companions of First Responders. 

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How stress affects the family
  • Supporting your partner through stress
  • When someone you love has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Occupational Stress Injury
  • Self care

FREE Mini-Courses!


Training and Sustaining the Resilient Mind

This course aims to provide participants with an understanding of mindfulness practices by identifying simple techniques to maintaining a positive mental wellbeing. The course instructor, Wendy Lund, explores the myths and misconceptions surrounding mindfulness practices and how training the brain and practicing mindfulness can support mental wellbeing.

Please feel free to check back with us often as we will be adding more free mini-courses in the future. If you join our mailing list here, you'll be the first to be notified when these new courses launch!

For more information about our course offerings, please visit our Virtual Training Hub at:

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