The Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation

Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation 

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Here you will find useful links and suggested reads.  


-Visions of Courage- Bobby Smith
-On The Other Side of Broken- Brian Knowler
-Crack in the Armour- Jimmy Bremner
-Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement- Kevin Gilmartin
-Warrior Rising- Lt Col Chris Linford
-Waiting for First Light- Romeo Dallaire
-Shake Hands with the Devil- Romeo Dallaire
-On Combat- Lt Col Dave Grossman
-Warrior Mindset- Lt Col Dave Grossman
-Bulletproof Spirit- Captain Dan Willis
-A Soldiers Tale- Jamie Mac Whirter
-Pre Hospital Behavioural Emergencies and Crisis Response- Dwight Polk
-Something for the Pain- Paul Austin
-Save my Life School- Natalie Harris
-Life, Death and Everything in Between- Steven Grayson
-A Hero Lives In My Family- A Story For Kids of First Responders- Susan Hunt
-Staying Well Strategies for Corrections- Catarina Spinaris
-Passing It Along I and II- Catarina Spinaris
-Serving Life 25- One Guard's Story- Neil D Maclean
-Critical Incident Stress Key Papers and Core Concepts- Mitchell and Everly
-Pracitcal Concepts and Training Exercises- Dennis Potter
-The PTSD Source Book- Glen Schiraldi
-CISD Third Edition- Mitchell and Everly
-Group Crisis Support- Why It Works- Jeffrey Mitchell
-CISM A Pratical Review- Mitchell and Everly
-CISD/Diffusing- Mitchell and Everly
-Psychological Crisis Intervention- The SAFER Model- Mitchell and Everly
-Psychological Body Armour- George Everly
-The Care and Feeling of A Successful CISM Team- Jeffrey Mitchell
-In The Line of Duty- The Ontario Ombudsman
-Psychological Safety in the Workplace- CSA Group
-10% Happier- Dan Harris
-Intelligent Fear- Michael Clarkson
-Leadership in the Eye of the Storm- Bill Tibbo
-House in the Sky- Amanda Lindout
-Body Keeps the Score- Bessel Vander Volk
-Trauma and Recovery- Judith Herman
- In an Unspoken Voice- Porter A Levine
-Crucial Moments- Jeffrey Mitchell- Visnoske
-Does Stress Damage the Brain- Douglas Bremner
-Traumatic Incident Reduction and CISM- Victor R Volkman
-Fostering Human Resiliency- George Everly
-The Legacy Letters: How Trauma Affects Our Lives- Janice Landry
-Flip Books, Trauma, Suicide, Crisis and Stress- Quick Series
-The Upside of Stress- Adam Grant
-Damaged- James Meuer


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