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The CCISF is excited to announce that our Virtual Training Hub is now live and can be easily accessed from anywhere, anytime, in the convenience of your personal space. This interactive, engaging, virtual hub will offer relevant, informational, and educational learning opportunities for front line personnel, current or aspiring leaders, family education, and more. Whether you are an individual or an organization, this self-guided, interactive training hub will build awareness, enhance skills, and provide training solutions specific to our unique industries.


The loss of a loved one to a family is tremendous and incredibly challenging to deal with but to a child it can be even greater. Many children experience feelings of confusion, anger, fear, isolation and depression. 

Camp F.A.C.E.S. provides families who have suffered this tragic loss the opportunity to be with others who have experienced similar loss. Along with trained personnel and mental health oversight, these families will have the opportunity to experience some normalcy all while developing life long friendships.


This exclusive retreat is dedicated to families living with a serving or retired member who has been diagnosed with PTSD. These weekend retreats offer an opportunity for families to come together with a common thread. Through the power of peer support, trained personnel and mental health oversight, these families will have the opportunity to share, connect, grow and learn, all while building lifelong friendships.


Our international audience can anticipate an interactive and engaging learning opportunity brought to you by industry leaders, experts, and personal experience. We are excited that our virtual congress makes it possible to broaden the learning opportunities and engagement across our country. Networking is the cornerstone of our annual event and attendees will be able to participate in the experience through our dynamic virtual congress platform.


The CCISF recognizes that a well designed and executed crisis management program is the most effective means of proactive mental health awareness, pre-incident stress education, and post event support. We are committed to assisting organizations in the development of their crisis management programs by providing framework, recommendations, and guidelines that can assist in supporting members and promoting a healthy workplace.

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