The Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation
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Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation 

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A little bit about the Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation


The Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation is recognized charitable organization, assisting emergency personnel and communities involved in or exposed to critical incidents. With the revitalization of the CCISF, we have become one of the largest supporters of Emergency Services across Canada.   

As a  national organization,  the purpose of the CCISF is to provide a national network of teams, trainers and resources that enable and enhance  crisis response. The Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation further recognizes the need not only to support our active duty emergency personnel but to also support and never forget the families and children of those members that have died in the Line of Duty or by Suicide.

The work of the CCISF is fueled by research, best practices, powerful partnerships and the dedication of many volunteers across Canada .By identifying gaps in services, resources,  programs and support,  we can effect positive and lasting change.