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Thank you for being a part of our fight against Post Traumatic Stress and the mitigation of disabling stress!

Your donation changes the lives of first responders and their families by allowing us to provide a meaningful, positive, and empowering environment to safely connect with others and to grow. Our critical incident programs, educational opportunities, and support camps are all made possible through your generosity.


What does your donation help us do?

The CCISF is proud to host many initiatives each year that supports Canada’s first responders and their families, as they navigate the road to healing. Following a traumatic event, stress reactions, PTSD or line of duty death or suicide, many are left with devastating and life changing results that can take its toll on mental health. Unfortunately, many who have committed their lives to help protect others and keep us safe, often pay the ultimate price. This unrecognized population, including their families and children, need our support to help them manage and heal from these life altering careers. The CCISF is proud to hold the following annual events to promote education, wellness and recovery:

  • Camp F.A.C.E.S Support Camp
  • Camp F.A.C.E.S Christmas
  • PTSD Support Family Retreat
  • Annual Conferences
  • Online Training & Educational Opportunities 

PLEASE NOTE: Electronic tax receipts will be processed for donations OVER $25.00. If you wish to receive a tax receipt for your donation, the Canada Revenue Agency requires your full mailing address in order to process the tax receipt.

The Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation is dependent upon the generous support of donors and volunteers to fulfill its mission. We collect your personal information in order to process your donation and issue tax receipts. Your personal information will not be sold, or traded with other organizations. By submitting this form you except the terms and privacy of this site.

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